How can you be involved now?

Thank you to everyone who attended our Visioning Open House Events!

From March 6-7th, the project team was in Granada, Holly, and Wiley to hear about the community's vision for the future of Prowers County. We learned, asked questions, and heard amazing feedback about the community's hopes for this process as well as growth in the County!
If you couldn't attend, please take the second questionnaire on the tab above!

About the Prowers County Comprehensive Plan and Code Update

Prowers County created this Engagement Hub in the fall of 2023 to be a central hub for the community to share their ideas and be involved with planning for Prowers County's future. This page will offer online involvement opportunities and highlight key ways to get involved throughout the Plan process to ensure that we hear from everyone who would like to participate.

To join the conversation...

Fill out the form in the right column under "Stay Up to Date!" to provide your contact information. This will allow the project team to gain a better understanding of who we are hearing from in the community and keep participants up to date with new information. We hope you enjoy being involved in this important avenue for community conversation and we appreciate your feedback!

Why your Participation Matters

You may be wondering, "How does a Comprehensive Plan affect my community? Why should I care?" Use the drop down FAQs below to learn more about what a Comprehensive Plan is and how your input will be used to support the future of Prowers County!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Comprehensive Plan (The Plan) is an overarching policy document that articulates the community’s vision for the future of Prowers County. The Plan is developed by and for the community through robust public engagement, which is then translated into a policy framework that guides development over the planning period (10-20 years). A Comprehensive Plan is not a regulatory document and solely intends to provide recommendations, from the community and for the County. 

Prowers County has changed over the last 20 years. This effort to update the 2003 Comprehensive Plan will reevaluate the community’s values and preferences for change in the future. The updated Plan will reflect the historic aspects of the County that the community wants to keep while adapting to new trends, industries, and ideas.

The City of Lamar is also updating its Comprehensive Plan. That process and plan will encompass the area within City limits and areas immediately surrounding the City. The Prowers County Comprehensive Plan Update encompasses all areas of the County that are not within a municipal boundary (Lamar, Holly, Wiley, Granada, and Hartman). While the plans are separate, the City and the County are working together to promote shared goals and create a cohesive vision for the future, particularly with regard to the areas just outside of the city.

Yes it can! To translate the website, go to the bottom right corner of the website banner and click on the button that says "Translate". From there, you can set your preferred language and the site will automatically translate all fields. This website will also be updated with documents translated into Spanish throughout the process as well. 

Who is leading this project?

The Prowers County Comprehensive Plan and Code Update is a joint effort between Prowers County and the community! Logan Simpson is a consulting firm that will be assisting the County to facilitate public engagement, realize the Plan and will be managing this website!

For more information on the project and its purpose, read the "Welcome!" page or contact the Project Team at [email protected].

Project Roadmap


This initial phase engages with the community through informal roundtable discussions. focusing on values and key issues and opportunities throughout the County. These roundtables will invite a range of participants provide their feedback on Prowers County as it is today. One-on-one or in-person interviews will be offered to thoes who cannot attend the roundtable events. 

Defining the Direction

Visioning activities will feature interactive workshops on shared values and big ideas facing Prowers County. This phase of engagement will have two public workshops to establish the values and vision for the County and areas surrounding the City of Lamar. The events will be paired with online activities, such as surveys, visual preference activities, or community mapping to community members unable to attend the in-person events.

Prowers County Comprehensive Plan Update: Visioning Open House Events

Choices and Priorities

The Choices and Priorities phase focuses on specific opportunities within the County. This phase could cover topics like housing, transportation, land use, renewable energy, conservation, infrastructure, economic development, resilience, or water resources. Educational information about each conceptual solution or growth strategy will be presented, empowering the community to learn about the tradeoffs and potential benefits that could result from each choice. 

Realizing the Plan

The public review phase allows the community to have a first look at the Draft Plan, provide feedback online and in person, and visualize the culmination of their hard work throughout the planning process. One public meeting will be held to showcase the Plan, describe highlights and overall intent, and encourage discussion and Q&A.

Adoption and Project Completion

This phase is a celebration of all the hard work the community has put into the Prowers Comprehensive Plan! Following public review, the adoption of the Plan by the Prowers County Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners represents the completion of the Plan Update and the next steps toward realizing the shared vision of Prowers County!